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Here is what others have to say about their wonderful experiences with Judith Kahealani Lynne! Below are testimonials from many individuals who have benefited from Judith Kahealani Lynne's unique and outstanding Sound Healing work. Her Harmonic Healing, Vocal Energetics and Sacred Hawaiian Journeys have enriched the lives of many people!

Vocal Energetics

"Judith's work allowed me to experience some personal breakthroughs
and release of barriers that directly affected my ability to express myself
in my profession."
         ~Damon, Actor and Singer

"Judith's work is fun, powerfull, and life changing.
Judith has the ability to present complicated ideas
in an easy to understand way."
        ~ Lyn, L.M.T

"Judith is supportive, encouraging, nuturing and challenging.
I discovered that in spite of messages from my childhood,
I can make beautiful sounds!"
      ~Nancy, Businesswoman

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Harmonic Healing

"Run - don't walk - to your nearest telephone, and call Kahealani Judith Lynne to schedule a session.

  I had one with her this morning and it was soooooooooooooooo good. I mean *wow*.

  I was reluctant to work with somebody I didn't already know. And, I was balking at her rate of $125 an hour. Boy-oh-boy, what a silly girl I am !!! Ha ha. Now that I've had a session with Judith, I feel that her strong, clear, powerful, impacting, transformative work is worth eeeeeeeeeeevery penny!!!

  So much so that I'm going back for more, before I leave next week!"

-- Tina

"Judith has extrodinary insight into the causes of illness
and imbalances.Her Keen mind and powerful voice are
dynamic tools for healing."
       ~Marcia, Musicologist & author

"Judith's work shattered stubborn emotional blocks
allowing me to experience a more ecstatic,
productive and abundant life."
 ~ David, Architectural Designer

"Judith's Harmonic Healing sessions have had a profound effect on me.
My first treatment dramatically shrunk a large uterine fibroid.
Futher sessions led me to deep emotional release and healing."
  ~ Karin, Tai Chi Instructor

Judith Lynne's Long Distance Healing Work
I was skeptical at first, but after several instances of important relationships that were entering difficult times becoming suddenly harmonious within a week after Judith Lynne did Long Distance Healing Work on them, I am much more open to the possibility that the sudden, dramatic improvements that followed her work were not chance occurrences or synchronistic co-incidences, but were, in some mysterious way, connected to the work she had done. By now I have come to regard this work with great respect!!!
~Louise Klemperer

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Sacred Journeys

"Last February I had a very good sound class with you. I received one of the most wonderful gifts I could receive, the Hale Makua connection. Thank you so much dear Judith for becoming a clear and honest bridge between Hale Makua and myself.

I really can say that He is one of my guides and teachers. I feel him so near, so loving and powerful.
I can feel his presence specially at the left side of my body most of the time. I feel his guidance, his healing and inspiration.

Also I would like to thank you for the e-mails you are sending me with your work and full Moon meditations. I really wish I could be there in Paradise.

Receive all my love and appreciation for the wonderful work you are doing. You are such a clear and honest channel of the Divine.
The world never more than now needs your help

~Sergi Ayno,
psychotherapist and Peace Educator
Barcelona, Spain

"I enjoyed how you used your knowledge of the island
and spirit to deepen the experience. It was a wonderful week.
Thank you!"
         ~Geoff, Portland, OR

"I believe your sound work changed my perceptions on a molecular level
and readied me to feel earth and life forms in new exciting ways.
Thank you for an experience that continues to delight!"
         ~Nancy, Palm Springs, CA

"O, Judith! Do you have any idea what a creation you have midwived?
I am not the same woman I was a week ago."
         ~Sue, Olympia, WA

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Sound Fung Shui

"What power and grace, what Earth-Mother and Lover-of-Life, what an amazing ability to create an environment of healing, honor, beauty and clear intention!  Judith Kahealani Lynne assisted in cleansing and aligning our new home and property in such a profound way that my husband arrived home later and said, "Wow, things are lighter around here!" and my house guest said, "I don't know what that was, but it was amazing!"  Ah, 'tis Kahealani dancing with the ancestors, doing what no one can explain but all can feel deeply.  Her voice blew through this place and all of us in it like a strong force of love.  What a gift.  What a treasure. 
This woman knows her stuff!"

~Joyce, life coach and counselor, Hawaii Island

"Judith Lynne's work removes blockages and harmonizes the energies
even in places where the disharmony is not easily perceived.
Whether it's a personal healing session
or a space clearing and alignment for a home or business,
her work is strong and effective with practical
suggestions for further support and stabilizing of the shift. ... to put it bluntly,
she cuts through the metaphysical bs with a razor blade!!!!!!!!!!"

~Diane Tomac-Campogan,
chef owner The Nasturtium Cafe, Hawaii Island

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